Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Politics is a joke... but no one is laughing...

What ever happen to politics? I know Will Rogers use to make fun
of the politicians… and politics as well. That is well known.. but
this year? This has to be a new low even for them.

First off, you have the reality show called Republican Debate.
Thru the run off’s each week…. each one has had their
week, or even two weeks before they crash and burn..
only to come back again the following week..

I don’t know if they are plain stupid, or is the bonus at the end enough to keep them climbing on to the sinking ship called Republican Party.
And the people who are still throwing good money after bad at them, well, they got what they paid for, I guess.

Then you have the government body itself, called Congress. Which has their own reality show. It is called, Boo.. “let’s scare the daylights out of the elderly, and the rest of the citizens.. with our indecisiveness’ of on anything that is brought in for us to vote on…and if we can scare them while telling them we will close down the government. Well, all the better. And of course it has to be done near the end of the month, so those government check might fail to come out. How many elderly ended up at their doctors office, with anxiety attacks, while wondering how they were going to buy groceries and pay their electric bill. SHAME ON CONGRESS…. As they always decide to do the decent thing… at the last minute. Why put the citizens thru all of that.

Sadly they are a joke, but we citizens aren’t laughing.

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