Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Failure to follow directions....

Why is it those of who love more power…. Don’t seem to like to pay attention to directions much.. I am just as guilty as others.

For Christmas, the King got me the MORE POWER, BIGGER THAN A LOT,
KITCHEN AID PROFESSIONAL 500 MIXER…. I use capitals not to shout, but
so you understand… this is MORE POWER… I love machinery of MORE POWER, be it appliances or cars… MORE POWER, LOUDER MUFFLERS.
That is just the way I roll…

So here I was…. With my MORE POWER MIXER, in my kitchen. Standing there proudly… well, maybe it was me, standing there proudly. Anyway, I had the booklet in my hand. So I sat down with a cup of coffee and skimmed the booklet. Well, don’t start shaking your head… I skimmed it, which is better than a lot of times, when I figure I know how to operate things… until modern inventions started to get ahead of me… But what could go wrong, after all a mixer is a mixer. Put things in the bowl and hit the switch, and when you feel ok with it, hit the higher speeds… Love my Vita Mix.. MORE POWER…

So I made my two favorite recipes for Christmas time. Christmas Fruitcake cookies (no, they don’t taste like fruit cake, just has the same fruit) and my around the year recipe, of Chocolate Zucchini Bread. As that is what I give for presents.

The cookies went great… the difference between mixing with the old wooden spoon was priceless. They came out great… That left the bread… I put in the eggs, sugar, butter, shredded zucchini,chocolate and spices , then blueberries and nuts… starting out with slow and running at full power, at the end of that section… Only thing left is the flour.
So I put in the first cup, and that is where I got into trouble… as it was POOF… and it wasn’t the magic dragon. I reached to the switch, to turn it down to low.
As soon as I could see it… And there I was, white, the counter…white, and the mixer… white…. I guess they really meant it when they said, when adding flour, use low speed… Dang, got to get that all clean up before the King got home, didn’t want to have to explain that one…

He was not having the best of day, so figured I would give him a laugh.. told him, and his words were…..you got it… did you read the directions? I replied, “
kind of” He shook his head and said..."figures".


Dimple said...

Good story, thanks for the laugh!

Kay Dennison said...


I love it!!!