Thursday, December 08, 2011

Snow on the roof, but racer in the heart...

Down the road from where I live as you head to Sandpoint,
there is a 4 lane part of the highway at Kootenai Cut-a-cross Road

Direct right is for turning right, down Kootenai Cutacross Road going to Wal-mart.
Direct left, for turning into Ponderay. In the middle is 2 lanes. One for going
to Sandpoint, and the other for the life of me, I don’t know why they put it there.
As the road narrows to one lane in about 30 feet. And it never fails that
someone will get in that short lane, in hopes of jumping the gun and
out running the straight road traffic.

Well, the other day, I had it. A youngster, for lack of better wording, I will
refer to him as a whippersnapper. He sits there ready to go, and the light
turns green… I push the petal to the metal and out ran him.

I know, I know… road rage. But sometimes, you just get sick of it. And besides
there is some of the old Cis still in here… So I as I passed him, I waved and smiled… Never underestimate an old broad, and her Mercury. Look on his face, priceless.

There might be snow on the roof, but there is a racer still in her heart.

I mention this story on my facebook.. And the comments that came in.. From my daughter-in-laws… ‘’ So that is where your son gets it.” Each one of them. Even
a grandson got in on it…saying it isn’t just the son’s it is all of (family name) men.
Yea, go Nana… Then some old friend reminded me of the time she was with me when I raced the Washington State Patrol car. But in all honesty, I didn’t race the WSP. I was driving down the highway, with such friend, when I noticed I was
doing 55. And it was a 60 mph road. So I stepped it up to 60. My girlfriend just about had a cow… and yelled out.. “Oh, my God, Cis, you are racing a trooper.”
As I looked over there were two troopers in the car, and the passenger one looked at me, like you got to be kidding… I stayed at 60 and THEY pulled away from me… now who was racing whom? But the look on the trooper was funny, and the reaction of my friend was priceless. And 30 years later, it was suprising she still remembered it.

Also when one of my sons came to visit with his girlfriend, we went to the King’s mom’s house. I had a nice 1972 Ford ¾ ton 4 wheel drive pickup… with straight pipes that I loved. When we were coming down a steep hill, I down shifted and the pipes sounded out… I heard his girlfriend say, “now I understand you”, as she looked at my son.

But in all fairness, I came by this honestly. You see, my father’s favorite trick was to sit at a stop light, when there was a younger guy next to him in a hot car.. and revving up the engine… my father .. in his 60’s …. would rev his motor up too…and they would look at each other, daring the other when the light would change.. EXCEPT… my father… while the light was red, would make his car jump forward, and the other guy would run the red light… and if there was a police car around, well, that was icing on the cake. Dad did make sure there wasn’t any cars coming thru the intersection at the time. But he sure had fun with his trick. So you see.. it runs in the family.

Yes, there is snow on the roof, but a true hotrodder always remains inside.

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