Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Are you better off than you were 3 years before?

I have heard this question asked many times over the years. Back as
far as Reagan days... Even Bush Sr. used it, I believe. And once again
it is being used in this election.

When it was used during the Bush Sr. years, the answer was no. I was
not better off than I was 4 years ago. During the Clinton years it was
slightly better. During the Bush Jr. it was no. That was
mostly do to the small stocks which I had gotten by heritage, couple years
before.. had dropped in Feb. 2001. And then the year of 2002 was worse as my
wages got frozen until just before I retired
December 2003.

But when it was asked this
time around... I have to say the answer is yes.
I know there are those out there who will think I am crazy.
But we seem to be better now than we have been
for years. But next to a lot of them, I have lower expectations.
I have a roof over my head.. and it is paid for. I do have to still pay
for taxes, and insurance. But for better or worse..it is ours.
It isn't one of those hundred of thousand dollar houses. But we
like it.

We have food in our freezer. Thankfully because my husband is a hunter.
Which helps a great deal. We also changed our way of eating.
Which not only help us lose a great deal of weight
and we are healthier... but it also saved on the high prices of food.

My husband has a year around job. So we can pay our bills, which
we downsized during the last few years.. so we are in a good place.

By anyone else's standards we are still low income... but to us, we are
doing ok. Our needs are small.
Yes, we love to travel, we love to have a new car, and all the American way of
life, that they say we should do.... but we are happy.

Am I bragging? No, just stating we are ok.. our needs are small,
our expectations are low. When you are use to going without, you don't
mind, not having what the Jones have. And we have the important things.
And we do feel like we are better off than we were last year.
Maybe it is just an attitude adjustment.

And when you count in our family, and friends..
well, we are very rich and blessed..

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