Monday, April 30, 2012

Walking down memory lane....

While celebrating one of the
family's birthday Saturday night,
one of my son's called to
ask a question about a nickname of
his brother... And how he
acquired it. The nickname was Tarbaby.
It was given to him by a
friend of ours. The friend and my deceased
husband was tarring the
seams of the paper on the roof before they
put the top on. My oldest
son, was helping.. He was about 12.

As he was coming down the
ladder, what would have been backwards
for most of us, (he was
facing outward).. I told him to be careful and why
wasn't he coming down
normal. He put up both hands, which were covered
with tar. (he really got
into his work) at which our friend, Jack, said.. yea, he
is a tarbaby.

All this started a great
conversation on speaker phone, of walking down memory lane. From childhood nicknames, to fun rides down
what we called the honda hills. Name because kids with their Honda's would use
it for climbing. All the memories flowed, and it was a special time.

Sometimes when you do
things, or just live each day, you look back years late and wonder do your kids
remember. And when the answer is yes... it is a wonderful feeling...

Thanks, boys.. remember as
long as you have a mom, ... you will always be a kid. :-)...

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Kay Dennison said...

How true!!!!