Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food for the Road

When I was a young wife..and then thru the years, I
use to make food for the road.. It wasn't for our family,
but for those who traveled to see us. I did it for us as
well..but mostly for others.

I use to make up a box, that had enough fried chicken
for all those in the car. With added of chips, apples and etc.
And even paper towels. So while the family or
person traveled home, they didn't have stop by a restaurant. It was
fill up with gas and back on the road again.

I guess this stopped about the time that McDonalds came
to be plentiful, so people could drive thru and be back on
the road. Also not many people drive across country or up
and down the coast line like they use to.. most fly now.

I wonder, does anyone still do this? I know I still get the
feeling as we say good bye to someone who has to drive
more than 4 hours to get home, that I should have made
a box of food to go. I guess people need the break to walk
around for a bit before getting back on the road.. so a quick
lunch is good. In the past, we drove until we got there.
Switching drivers as we went.


Betty said...

When we go to visit my daughter and son-in law (an 8 hour drive), we always pack a lunch and stop at a rest area and eat it. Saves lots of time and money. We do the same thing on the way home.

marlu said...

When our son and family leave to drive 400 miles back to TX, we fix sandwiches, apples, drinks, cookies, chips in a cooler for them. Not the healthiest food but they don't have to stop at a cafe.