Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Today, he is 60

My husband turns 60 today. And looking mighty fine...

What a wonderful life mark.
I remember turning 60 and being surprised I wasn’t old.
And the King is finding that out today. (and yes, I am older)

He has decided he wants to wait until we have summer,
(we are going to have summer, right?) to celebrate. He
wants a cook out and have friends around. He didn’t want
a trip as I had suggested. So that is what we will do.

So when he wakes in 3 more hours, to get ready for work,
it will be just another day for him. But it is going to be
the birthday that goes on forever. As some of our sons
are coming over for the Lost in the 50’s weekend, and
we decided we would do a family bar-b-que at that time.

So those of you who are local, give the big teddy bear,
a happy birthday, hug…



MLove said...

Well, tell him to have a "kingly" birthday and welcome to the 60s!

Dimple said...

Give him a hug from me, and birthday blessings.