Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having fun with speed...

I got a new computer over
the weekend... So still getting use to
things in different places..
Not as bad as I thought it might be.
But like everything, changes
are a little bit getting use to.

One of the wonderful things
is.. now I have a computer that matches
my fast speed internet. Of
course there isn't much on here to drag it
down yet. But this one is far faster than my old lap
top. I click and there
it is.. click again and it
changes NOW.. So. cool...

Also cleaning out my old one
so I can give it to the King. I cringe
when I think of how he will
do.. although he has used the computer
at work on his lunch time,
to look up on Craiglist for parts for his
47 Ford pickup that he is
working on. So this ought to be

In the past I have not let
him near my computer. One time at work, we
had a thunderstorm. And I
called to have him shut down the computer
because I forgot and left it
on.. I walked him thru it step by step... very
easy.... take pointer, to
the far left. See world in bottom corner.. click on
that.. see shut down.. click
on ...before I could say click on that.. he said.
I just pushed to off button.
so I was a little hard on
him. But geesh, I was trying to do it so simple for
him. So this will be interesting..

In the meantime, I am having
fun.. so much speed.... as Tim Allen use
to say....MORE POWER!!!

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