Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zimmerman and Martin

Not racial but prejudice against youth, looking like what he thought was a hoodlum because of the hoody. At least that is my take on it.

But let’s look at this..I know that all of this is media information…but it got me thinking.
What we have is Zimmerman followed Martin, and called 911. He was told to STOP.
The girlfriend of Martin was talking to him, and Martin stated that someone was following him. She told him maybe he should run… he says no, not a good idea… and after a few more words the phone goes dead. That is what we know.

Now we have about 2 minutes that are blank. With only sounds.. before there are eye witnesses of the 2 men on the ground. But still no one knows who was on top or the bottom and it is guessed that the voice moaning for help is Martin. That remains to be see and tested by voice experts.

So what happen? Zimmerman “says” Martin attack “HIM”. They were on the ground.. he feared for his life.. he shot Martin.

BUT WHAT IF… what if he jumped Martin? To hold him for the police, and WHAT If in those moments, as he jumped Martin, that at that time Martin fearing for HIS life.. fought back? And then Zimmerman got loose and shot Martin?

After all we are told this young man was never an aggressor personality before. He was not some kid with a chip on his shoulder. But what if Zimmerman JUMPED HIM? Wouldn’t you fight back? After all we are told by the media Martin is shot in the back.
WITNESS see Zimmerman standing over Martin with hand on Martin’s shoulder, and gun in hand. What if Martin was the one who feared for his life?

There hasn’t been anything in the media about any bruises and etc. on Martin. And actually I am glad. I want the FACTS to come out in the trial.. ALL THE FACTS.

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Kay Dennison said...

You made some excellent points.

I assumed that Zimmerman did jump Trayvon. I live in a city neighborhood and I joke that the kids will eventually have to have their cell phones surgically removed. And even lil' baby Ana has a hoodie as do I.

Like you, I want the facts. I suspect that Trayvon was only guilty of "walking while black"!