Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The News?

At about noon, if I am in the house doing work, I turn the tv on 202 which is
CNN… for background noise… Which worked out pretty good over the weeks
until this past week.. I got to walk by and see the news and what was up to date.
And then there were some reporters with shows of their own..

But this past week has been a headache. I had to turn off the tv.
One day it was about the plane that crashed into the apartments in Virginia.
Which was bad enough in it’s self.. luckily no one was killed. But 3 hours of it?
Give me a break.

Then today it was Rick Santorum and the Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman's Attorneys quit, stories .. another 5 hours I would guess as I turn it off at 2 and
then back on at 4 and they were still talking about it and showing the two clips.
Enough to give you a headache. Could almost repeat what they said...
"we started this campaign around our kitchen table...yada yada yada..."
"We don't know where his wehere abouts is..we think we might know..yada yada yada...
I guess nothing else was going on around the world. When they get their big story,
I guess the rest of the work comes to a stop. And of course you have their reporters
with their take on each one.

I use to enjoy Good Morning America or Today show, but they have become
entertainment shos now. instead of the news. The news is the first 5 minutes
and then it is the silly stuff. Even has one of the old Entertainment tonight gals on
there. I use to like George, and figured they would have some serious stuff on with
him but they have had him do some of the silliest interviews. So I usually last
about an hour there. By that time I am done with my newspaper and coffee...

Maybe it isn't them.. maybe it is just me...

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