Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is Love?

I was asked recently…if I could explain LOVE. And this is what I came up with.

Love is a feeling, an aurora if you like, surrounding a person who you love.. It is part of you, who wants to protect that person. To hold emotionally but not to be confused with physically. Be it your God, your spouse, your child, your parent, your sibling, your grandchildren and beyond, your animal, even a friend.. It is your gift to them.

There is unconditional love.. which is the strongest of all. No strings attached. Even if they don’t love back.
There are people who you will love, but you won’t LIKE them. Usually that is the protection for you.. You love them, you want good for them… you bare them no harm. But because the relationship is so toxic, you don’t like them. In life I have had and still have such love. We all usually do, in a life time. It is hard to understand until you have that kind of a relationship. It is not to be confused with Love/Hate relationship. Most hate what they don’t understand. A lot of us hate for the moment.. a quick reaction to what we don’t understand and feel betrayed, or have too high of expectations of them.

Love is a gift, that God gives to us… to let us give to others. Be it unconditional love like his… always forgiving… or the ones that you love but you don’t like.
I have both in my life. Maybe it helps to have that love of no matter what… because of the love and the understanding, you have between you and your God.

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Kay Dennison said...

Good words!!!!!

You are blessed!!!!