Thursday, April 19, 2012

I miss the old Army

Any one who has read my post over the years… Knows.. you know.. how I feel about the troops and their families. Even have written about that I don’t think the Government, who sends our youth overseas after making killing machine out of them.. and the lack of untraining that.. if it is even possible. But the lack of trying.

But (you know after that statement there is going to be a BUT) in the recent months, I have got to say, I miss the old Army. First, as stated before… I am from the LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS generation. So I find the very very few (we are talking about dozens compared to millions of troops.. that have decided to show the world the worse of us. Or maybe I should say the worse of them.

As our society has become the instant to know generation.. with no holds bar..
It hard for me to understand how this has gotten out of hand. I thought it was bad enough when we had the media on board thru Vietnam war, showing on the nightly news. But it seems while they showed a lot, it was filtered… Now we have no filter.
We get to see prisoners treated like dogs… we have troops in a party of army men, holding up a foot or two of those who blew themselves up to get that Army. And such pictures that seem to pop up on a regular bases… even war on You Tube. War is hell, as we all know… I don’t know what the American people thought happen during all the wars we have had since 1700’s. But to have it shown to the public? Well… to quote Jack Nichleson in character… “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”.. is pretty much true. And should not be handled by the public.

Where is the command of these troops. Why isn’t there a ban on these troops
showing the general public these pictures? Don’t give me the freedom of speech rights deal. Those who served in the service in WWII, before that, and even since that time… there has been a saying… about wives. When the service man gave an excuse about what ever… they were told that is their problem.. BECAUSE IF THE NAVY (put in which ever service branch you want there) WANTED YOU TO HAVE A WIFE, WE WOULD HAVE ISSUED YOU ONE. Your service commitment over rules all. So the command to restrict service men for making tapes/video public… I would think would not be unusual.

This has so many different phases of problems… letting the enemy know where our guys are, what they are doing, what they are using… say nothing for the other 99%
lives in jeopardy because of the few.

And those who will point out that the enemy post pictures of our guys hanging from the bridge, or beheading… as your mother has already told you… two wrongs don’t make a right.

But again, I guess it is just me.. I am too old in my thinking.. but I have to say, I yearn for those old days… of LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS… ideals.

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