Thursday, April 12, 2012

This and that...

Well, George Zimmerman is in jail..finally. Of course he can make
bail tomorrow and be out again.. but at least the family feels the law
is being fair. That there will be justice. They just want the truth, but
don’t want their son be destroyed in the process. They aren’t calling
for George’s head. They just want due process.

This has played out for the most part as a prejudice of race. I don’t believe that.
I believe it is a case of prejudice alright, but not of race. I believe it is a prejudice of age.
Hoody, teen, must be a bum, and up to no good. Why did it go wrong?
Didn’t George believe him when he said his father lived there? It will be interesting
to see the truth and hopefully that will be what will come out of all this.

Santorum has bowed out. And others are calling for the heads of Paul and Gingrich.
Gingrich, said that no one has asked him to bow out. No one has told him to quit. Not
even today, while he campaign in Pennsylvania. He said the only ones who has said for
him to get out, is the media… Mostly New York and such.

I know I will be screeched at by my friends and others, but I am glad he and Ron Paul
are not quitting. Why should they? This is America.. Where if you want to run and have
enough behind you, you should continue to run. As Gingrich said, let Mitt earn it. Why
not stay in.. even with a small budget compared to those who want to buy votes for Mitt.
After all, it isn’t like the Republican are going to go up against Obama right now.
Why not go to the convention? Why not have a great convention? Why should everyone
roll over and die? And what about all of those who voted already, for Gingrich, Paul and Santorum, who DO NOT want Mitt.
You know there were thousand or even millions who already voted and they didn’t
vote for Mitt. I know I would be peeved if I voted for any of the 3 and that person
folded. I would want my vote to stand. I know after the first round of voting that
they can vote for who ever the rest arm twist, for their candidate. It isn’t like Mitt
has 900 votes out of the 1100 he needs. He isn’t even close yet. Now granted, the
others are no where close either. But those people voted in good faith, and they should be counted at the convention.

So let it go to the convention… Go Gingrich, Go Paul… don’t be quitters, stand up
for those who voted for you so far… Stand tall. Don’t give Mitt a nicely wrapped up
basket of apples… Stand up for the ones who voted for you, don’t let the people down like Santorum, did. You owe it to those voters.

They might not win, but they can say, like McMurphy said in One over the Cuckoo Nest,
as he tried to pick the water fountain off the floor… AT LEAST I TRIED.

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