Monday, April 16, 2012

This Romney guy doesn't do it for me.

I have tried to have an open mind, when it comes to the Republican party. And
that hasn’t been easy. As it seems to be more a ship of fools instead.
But as it narrows down, it is looking more and more like Mitt Romney is going to be the man for the Republicans.

But I have to say this Romney guy just isn’t doing it for me. Too many statements that don’t sound true to me.. not as in true and false, but just not riing true.. Although the other could be as well.

He said.. 92% of the people who were laid off, without jobs were women. First off, there isn’t 92% of anything, that is those without jobs.. unless you want to say 92% of humans are the ones without jobs.. as there are some animals I imagine who have lost jobs in this economy as well. But we don’t count them. But why would he state that. Surely even if his group told him that, common sense should have made him question that. And if he takes everything that his crew tells him as gospel truth…. Then folks we are in deep trouble.

Next. “Obama will erode the rights of guns”. That one is laughable to me. You see, for those who haven’t paid attention… Romney was the GOVERNOR of Massachusetts. Massachusetts, folks… the state which has a law that puts you in jail, if you are found in the position of possessing a gun there, without a permission slip from the state. Don’t believe me??? Go to any highway that leads into Massachusetts. There is a massive huge sign at each border.. stating such. How if you enter Massachusetts without notifying the state that you have such gun, you will go to jail. Mandatory. No excuses.. states that right on the billboard type sign. And he was Governor from 2003 to 2007. Never did he try to reverse that law. To borrow from Wikpedia, (I know. that isn’t as trustworthy as others) but it gives a place to start. The rest is the references for what is said. Interesting reading for those listen to his remarks of Obama and gun laws at the NRA. Guess the NRA, didn’t do their homework on how Romney dealt with them there.
Gun control
During his 2002 gubernatorial campaign, Romney had been a supporter of the federal assault weapons ban, and had also said he believed "in the rights of those who hunt to responsibly own and use firearms."[91] On July 1, 2004, Romney signed a permanent state ban on assault weapons, saying at the signing ceremony for the new law, "Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts. These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people."[92] The law extended a temporary measure that had been in effect since 1998 and covered weapons such as the AK-47, Uzi, and MAC-10.[92] The same law also modified some other aspects of general firearms licensing regulations.[92] read what the people said in 2008 about Gov. and his signing of a gun law ban.
Those with computers should check out this site.. it has a list of 189 different things.. about 170 different subjects… among them how he wanted to tax the internet.
In there is the good, (yes there is a few good ones, and the bad.. and the ugly.. lots of those.
Check out line, #184, #185, and 188.. ^ Seitz-Wald, Alex (November 21, 2011). "Romney Admits He Destroyed Government Records To Keep Them From Political Opponents". ThinkProgress. Retrieved 2011-11-21.
This is at:

Won’t go into the wife thing, as I already address that in another blog post. But I never heard that wives are off limits. Jackie got her share, so did Hillary, and a few others. The only ones I have hear that are pretty well thought off limits.. is minor children. And when you throw your wife’ name to the wolves, in reference to your candidate advisors, then you know there will be remarks.. I am sure most of the wives over the years, have had pretty tough skin to make it thru it all. Those who didn’t stayed home as much as possible or kept a low profile. Like in war, all is fair game.

And finally, the Health Care Plan.. I find it ironic, that he is bad mouthing the Federal one so bad, yet he is the one who made it a law in Massachusetts. You can’t tell me he thought it was a bad idea while Governor, and now thinks it is bad… So if he thought it was bad while Governor, and pushed it thru anyway.. you know what happens to you and I, if he makes President.

Always be an informed citizen, and check the background. I always check when a Governor tried out for a Presidential office. What they did for their state will give you an idea what you will get when they get the office. I know it has proven true in the past for me.

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Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!! I am soooooooo tired of this damned election -- and it's only April!!!