Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faster I go, the more behind I get.....

While my machine goes so
much faster,
I seem to be getting more
I not only have found a
couple things I
have to relearn, but
catching up to those I
haven't used for a while..

Also the week must be slow,
because to me
today was suppose to be
Friday. Maybe I am
trying to get it over with..
although I don't know
why that would be so..

So today is readjusting day,
I guess.. yes, the garbage
is out at the roadside.. (I
did know yesterday, what day
it was). Checked the blog... oh, no, I didn't do one
Thursday... come up quick
with something.. oh, well..
it is what it is...

And by the way, while we are
on it, what happen to our
summer/spring? Oh, yea..
still April showers,
brings May flowers ... still

Well, hopefully by next
week, I will have it together enough
to know, am I coming or am I
going... lol... have a good weekend.

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