Monday, April 23, 2012

It is 5 o'clock Somewhere

On my computer I have 4 sidebar things… two of them are
clocks.. and two of
them are weather… One is on Hawaiian time, and the other is
one Idaho time.
The weather is the same.. Hawaiian and Idaho.

I have this as one of my grandson’s moved to Hawaii.. this
is to make sure we don’t call him in the middle of the night.. (well, to him it
is the middle of the night (5am) or don’t
call unless we know it is past 5 p.m. there, after he gets
off work.

Sometimes looking at the clock is depressing.. as it will be
4 here and getting dark, and 1 there (in the early spring). (they don’t do daylights saving time).
So we are ending our day, and he is just in the thick of his. We have to keep in mind is it daylight
savings time (3 hour difference) or standard time, which is 2 hours difference.

And then there is my friend Pat in France who is 8 or 9
hours ahead of us.

Yep, it is 5 o’clock somewhere.
Also you will see I am late in posting... You see, over the weekend, I got
a new computer.. and it has Windows 7... my last one was Vista.. so getting
use to the difference.. also I copied some of the things on my old computer to
an external drive... so I can put it on the new one.. So for a couple days, I will
probably doing short postings.. as I get use to this one.. Which I do have to say
Toni, you were right.. it is a lot easier than I thought.. but as with all changes
it is one step back, and then forward again.. as I step up to the plate to new
Is it Marguerite time yet?

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