Thursday, March 29, 2012

Squirrel cage of life....

Well, as I roam around in my squirrel cage of life, I have decided,
I have had enough of rain, rain, rain.. so I am heading out of dodge.
Actually going to go see the out-laws and friends…

Every other year or so, we get together, as we are the April bunch..
Our friend Susan, is the 3rd, the King’s is the 4th and mine being the 5th.
So we gather with about 30 of Susan’s friends and enjoy each other,
as we eat Susan’s great food. She is a caterer as well…So the food is the
die for..

Susan is a kick in the pants kind of a gal… She is a Kathryn
Hepburn kind of a gal.. Says what is on her mind, has a wonderful laugh,
Yet a kind and sweet heart. Even her house is as complexed and mixed
as she is. Who else can have a Christmas tree in their house year around,
a piece of Vietnam, a NASA car door, dentist chair, and many other things in her
house, because they please her. Yes, Susan is a special person for sure.
Her bucket list has included jumping out of a plane and parchuting down to the earth after she turn 70… and this year is turkey hunting on the agenda.

So I look forward to visiting with and celebrating with Susan… and it is always
great to visit with the outlaws.. My favorite sister in law and I usually find something to do.. while the guys do their thing of checking out the latest toys at the Hole in the Wall, and other such things. If it is summer time, it is yard sales for us girls.

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Kay Dennison said...

Hope you have a truly fun and memorable time!!!!!