Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Saving Time

I do not like the changing of the clocks..

Actually it isn’t the changes of the clocks themselves. That
Is no big deal. I do it the night before..

But it is the changing of my body clock. And if I can pick
one, I want the daylight savings time. As I love to wake to
sunlight. Well, when it is sunny out that is.. But waking to
daylight.. you know what I mean.

I wake about 7am. now. Use to do 5 am in the summer and 6 am
In the winter, but the past year, has worked out an hour later. So
It is 6am summer and 7 winter. Maybe when it gets to be warm
and I can do more outside, I will be more ambitious about getting

I hate getting up and it is still dark, and by dinner time it is dark. So
looking forward to daylight at 9pm. Which just took another hour to
catch up to, with this pushing forward business.

Also it changes how we call Hawaii, because now we are 3 hours
away. Guess they don’t believe in daylight savings time. There are
several others who don’t either. Wonder why we haven’t all got on
the same page. After all they played around with changing the days
we change the hour.. Use to be the last week of April and Oct.
Now it is March and November.
Oh, well, hopefully my body clock catches up soon.

1 comment:

Kay Dennison said...

I hear ya! My poor old bod's clock is always out of whack as are my sleep patterns.