Thursday, March 01, 2012

Killing Fields....

March 1, 2012
Killing fields…

Now granted, I lived in R.I., the southern end. Not actually known for
hunting… And the only guns we knew of, where the kind the police had
and the Mafia guys in Providence. I would say, that the average Rhode
Islander didn’t think of guns in any form for at least the first 25 years of
their lives, and there were a major group of them in our county who
didn’t think of them for over 60 years… And did not know what one
sounded like, but only from the sound stage of radio to early television.
Which we know now was just the sound effects guy.

But the state I now live in, Idaho, has had hunting and guns on their
minds for a century or more. They lived and breathed hunting. Gun
were and still are the way of getting a meat supply for the family. So
guns came to high schools in the back window of their trucks. I am
sure they must have seem like good old boys to out-of-staters of the
East Coast. But it was a means of survival and there wasn’t any
Principal who had any thoughts of those teens with guns in their
unlocked vehicles. Mainly because said Principal probably had one
in his truck. Those who didn’t have trucks, had them in their trunks of
their cars.

How do we jump forward to the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s to children
bring guns into the school and killing classmates and teachers.? How
did this happen? We, a country of 200 plus years, have schools that
have become killing fields in the past 25.

And what are we going to do about it? We have gun laws, we have
gun restrictions, but we still have children getting ahold of guns. The
teen from Ohio stole his uncle’s. I can only imagine how that poor man
feels. Then there is the small child who stole his father’s, I believe, gun
while visiting him. For some reason he had decided to run away, and took
the gun to school to have it to protect him, after he left school on his way
to running away. He plopped the backpack on the desk and the gun
discharged and shot a little girl near by. Thank Goodness, she is alive.
Not so, in Ohio… as 3 are dead out of the 5 shot.

I know the anti-gun people are going to be screaming.. but.. we have
laws in place. The gun was bought legally. I am sure the Uncle never
in his wildest of dreams thought his nephew would take it.
On the other hand we have the pro-gun people, who will shake their
heads and say well, there is nothing that can be done.. and we are
protecting our rights to own guns. I understand both sides.. but people..
Something has to be done. Do we run a metal detector as children go into
the school? I don’t really see that happening.. Guess in some of the bigger
cities that do that very thing.. but these are small cities and towns. Like the
Head of the School Dist. said.. this can happen ANYWHERE..

So instead of arguing, as before with Columbine and the rest.. let
us heard some common sense from the two sides.. Pro-gun owners,
instead of hiding behind the 2nd Amendment, come up and work with
everyone, and come up with something that will stop schools from
becoming killing fields.

It is becoming more apparent that home schools might be safer.
But not everyone can home school their kids. I know if I was a parent with
school age children.. I would be second guess the public schools.
And with school levies being turn down, and states getting out of
the finance section but keeping the rules going.. that a Principal is
hard pressed to come up with security.

I always thought that there should be classes taught from 2nd grade up,
Tolerance and Compromise would be a start. I thought that way before
there was killing in schools.

Also they seem to have so many ridiculous studies in this nation of,
How the bugs mate, How long it takes to crack an egg and put it in a
pan…. How about when did it start that children think of taking guns to school
for revenge, even started. I know my generation never thought about it.
And we had bullying all the time. There was bullying during my children’s,
school years, but no one thought of bring a gun to shoot anyone. So why
now? And what can we as citizens of the United States do about it, that is
common sense and reasonable?

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Kay Dennison said...

My daughter was bullied terribly in high school and when I complained about it, I met a stone wall. When it was time for her to go to college, I worked very hard to find the right college for her where she could be a success.

Nothing made me happier than visiting her and walking across campus with her and nearly everyone said "Hi, Kate!" or stopped to chat.

Bullying behavior starts at home when parents don't teach things like courtesy and consideration for others.

I would be willing to bet that that young man in here in NE Ohio was bullied. Yes, he may have been troubled by many things but at least one of the victims did something to trigger it. It's really sad. I do not condone what he did but I've seen enough of the lack of common decency in our society today to realize that there is a serious problem in our society. The Republican Party is nothing more than a selfish pack of bullies.