Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Presidential ..contacts..

Monday at Noon, RON PAUL arrived at our fairgrounds.

I went because, how often does a Presidential candidate show up in Bonner County? This is my first one anyway.. heck we are luck if we get a state candidate to show up here.. So when Ron Paul decided to show up here and let the Bonner County voters have a look at what he is made up of.. well, be it you
vote for him or not, it is worth a look.. So I went.
There was a full house crowd… I would say at least 1000+, which is quite
a bit for Bonner County. Voters rarely get that excited about anything
to do with voting.. Unless it is a school levy. Something that will effect
their pockets.
The crowd was what is said about a Ron Paul crowd.. I would say the
average age was 30’s… There were a lot of families with small children.
I left probably about half way thru or 2/3 way thru.. as I didn’t want to
get caught up in the traffic mess. I was parked on the outside fringe, and was able to get my car out and had free roads.. As I can imagine what it was like when that place let loose.

My other encounter with a Presidential person, was with a actual President.
It was President Eisenhower. He came to spend a week at the Navy base in Newport, Rhode Island. I happen to work at the Naval Exchange on that base.
So I got to see him hitting golf balls out on the lawn there, when I walked to work at that time. That was before security was a big thing, so we were able to do that.
He waved, and I waved back. His security guys were there. But that was it.
That is before we started trying to kill our Presidents. (well, not for a hundred
years or so)

In fact, when he arrived, he causes a walk out in our office. The first of any protest groups that I ever heard of. Our main office had sent a menu out, that no one was to leave the building to go see the President arrive. So we decided, that
we would all take our lunch half hour, at the time of the arrival of the President. We were told we could not do that and if we went, we would be written up and it would be in our employment record. The buzz went thru the office in no time.
Who ever wanted to go, we would go.. and if we all went, how could he write up the whole office. So at the time he was suppose to arrive, we all grabbed our coats and ran for the area he was suppose to go by. And sure enough he did. I had a wonder picture of…………….the little flag on the front of the bumper of the car. Lol.. little nervous, I guess. We all headed back to the office.. went back to
our desk and worked thru what was suppose to be our lunch time. No one got written up. We learn later, that the Office Manager, figured if he couldn’t beat us, he would join us, and head down too.

The other President who came often to Newport, was President Kennedy, as
Jackie’s mother own a mansion there. But I had moved away a few years before.

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Bay Views said...

I had several occasions to meet Ronnie Reagan in 1965 prior to his official run for Governor of California. As an activist back then I even had his home phone number. I still have the very first issue of his autobiography titled, Where's the rest of me, personally autographed to me.