Monday, March 05, 2012

Things I have learned and Anniversary #7

A Candle maker I am not…everyone who reads my blog knows
I am not a craft person. I rarely try because I know I don’t do well.
But every so often I give it a try, in case some of my father rubbed
off on me. My mother could draw, knit, sew, cook, and etc. she
made up her mind to do, none which I inherited. My father’s talents
came out later when he retired. I have a several wood pieces he made..
but me.. well, I think I am a lost cause..

I tried candle making over the weekend. I didn’t take a picture because
It looks like a 3 year old did it.. and the more I think of it.. I think the 3
year old could have done better. One of my biggest faults, (among
many others) is no patience. And I think you might need lots of patience.
I tried doing a layer type candle.. it sounded good in theory. But waiting
for the bottom to harden up, before you put more on, isn’t as easy as
it sounds. Yea, I did try to hurry it along with cold water dips for the holder.
Any way, I might try again some day. Or maybe I will leave the crafts to the
King to do .. he does great in anything he tries.

Today, it dawns on me, is the anniversary of this Blog.. 7 years of throwing
out words, tossing them around with a few pictures.. 52,237 visits is what my
Meter says, and that is after 8 months of non meter.. so we will level it off to, what, 52,250…. Low by what ever means one uses, compared to other blogs. But that is ok as this was never a competition for me.. it was and still is a fun thing. A place where I can spout off about different things, or report about some things.. and no one can tell me I am doing it wrong. After all, my blog.. It sure isn’t an ego thing, because if it was, I would have a deflated on by now.

So those of you who have stopped by over the years, (some have come and gone, others are new) thank you for stopping by.
I hope I have made you laugh and not cry much (some were sad ones) as
to me that is what life is about.. LAUGHTER… if I had a tombstone, (I will
be having my ashes spread across the earth) I would have on it…
“I LEAVE YOU LAUGHING”… the words, I say at the end of a lot of conversations.
And the last words my Aunt heard from me before she passed away.. I leave
you laughing (as we had said many things that we were laughing about) and
I love you..

So hope this is a good day for you all.. and thanks for stopping by, to read
my tossed words.


MLove said...

Happy Anniversary, Cis. Hard to believe we've been at it so long. Guess it gets to be a part of life after a while. Keep it up!

Betty said...

Happy Blogiversary. I will keep on reading your blog, but won't be commenting any more because the word verification is awful, thanks to Blogger. I just don't want to take the time to type in the verification words over and over until I get some I can read. Sorry.