Wednesday, March 07, 2012

You have come a long way, NOT..

After having an antenna television for 6 years, and enjoying it, the
reception has been lousy lately, so we bit the bullet and got Direct TV.

Now I don’t waste time watching shows like Bachelor or Bachelette.
To me it isn’t any better than a pimp show. The host gets 25 dumb
women (or men if it is Bachelette) and the play survivor over the
weeks.. These people who are so desperate they will go on television,
And are snarly to each other, all to be able to win the opposite gender.
Biggest waste of time of watching. To watch human’s in their lowest of

But Direct TV has open the door to some ever far worse than that.
Real housewives.. now granted I have only seen about 5 minutes of
these different ones( that is all I could stand) There is the Mob wives, and etc. Real housewives of different cities. All I can say is, I am so glad I don’t know
people like that.. At least not in my circle of friends.

Then there is a show called Hoarders. Now that one I only lasted one minute.
It made my skin crawl.. My God!! I know, this is a sickness. And very sad. And
I have known over the years a couple like these.. But I am sorry my gag reflex
isn’t good with these shows.

Now the King has found his own share of wonderful shows..
There is one where it is in the South.. they dive for logs. There is a father, son
combo, who fight worse than the two motorcycle family. Well, at least as much.
And I got to say, I know a lot of Southern people.. but none like these. This is
dueling banjo type people. And then there are the Axe Men.. loggers of Oregon,
Washington and Alaska. I have a son who was and still does some logging. I
tell you, it scares the daylights to see some of these guys work. It is one dangerous job. Their coping skills aren’t much better. Then there is Gold Rush, and Storage Wars, Star Pawn, and Pickers. Some of those are interesting ..but they are on, one after the other, meaning you could sit there for 3 hours watching the same show but different ones. The King is wild with the remote as he runs thru them, back and forth, hitting the hunting, fishing channels as well.. I just shake my head as I walk thru. Some times stopping to watch a few minutes. I have been reading a lot of books lately. Lol..

The thing that amazes me.. is …. These programs are sent all over the
Earth. I am so surprised that people from other countries want to come here.
If that was a sample of what America is about, I am not so sure I would want
to come. But I do live here, and know that what you see on television is not
what we are about. Thank God.
One thing I have learned, is ...never work for your father.... every father/son
combo, fight like cats and dogs.

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