Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am ready

I am ready, these plants are ready, and the robins are ready…
So Spring where art thou?

Actually I guess I should be thankful we do have bare ground once
in a while. After all we have had a light winter this year. And in the
past we have had snow until the end of April, more often than not…

I guess because we have had some warm weather in between the occasional
snow storms…. Just far enough apart to give us hope that maybe an early
Spring is in sight. So our hopes get raised. And when we see our plants
trying to pop thru.. it gives us more hope.

But with off and on Spring, off and on temps.. we get the other side effect.
COLDS… in our hurry to see what we can do outside.. we wear sweaters

instead of coats. Forget hats and gloves… and bang… we have colds.. hacking cough.

Dang Spring, as it tempts us, like a moth to the flame. Buying those plants at

the door ways of Home Depot and groceries stores. Plants that we don’t have

enough window space to keep alive, and those of us without green houses know

that they will end up dying. Wasting our money, for a glimmer of Spring.

But I am ready… only two more months to go in Idaho… And those who have

flowers in their gardens blooming down south… all I can say to you is.. HUMBUG!

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