Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As the Pendulum swings

The pendulum swing far and wide.. from far right to far left…but
rarely swings in the middle where common sense lives. We seem
to swing it hard and high, when the subject is disagreed on heavily.
Be it religion, politics, or guns.

In the news we have shooting after shooting. And lately it is children
on the receiving end. When it is two adults, acting stupid, it is one thing.
But when it involves children.. that is another.

I know people who have guns. I know a few who have concealed gun
permits. One of which is my husband. These are all people who were
raised with and around guns. I personally, don’t have a concealed gun
because I don’t believe those who don’t have enough education or desire
to shot something, should not have a gun…period. But I do understand
those who do.

We have on one side, those who want to melt down every gun on earth.
Think no one should ever have a gun. Only trouble with that is, then the
only one who will have a gun will be criminals. The criminals always have things
that are illegal.. be it drugs or guns. Which seem to go hand and hand.

The other side, have a paranoid that if you get rid of one kind of gun, the
Government will be hot on your trail to get all guns. And I understand why
hunters want to keep theirs. They should be able to do it. But to run scared,
that when hunting rules are changed that those paranoid think that is the
government’s way to get rid of all guns.. seems a little bit farfetched, don’t
you think.

But surely there is a middle, a common sense of what to do about
people, especially kids getting killed. The adults here have to be more
responsible. Every time a child gets shot because a child got a hold of a gun,
I blame the adults. A glove box is not good enough, a shoe box is not good enough.
Come on, people..

There are laws on the books but they aren’t follow thru.
Making more laws, doesn’t seem to be working.
Especially if they are not using the ones on the books now.
And those gun owners who are yelling the loudest, where are their guns?
In a safe, ok.. you get a pass…but a lot of them have them out where a
child can get them. Let’s at least work on that for starters…
A common ground.

And as long as the criminals have guns,
then the home owner needs to have a gun to protect themselves.
And the likelihood of criminals not having guns isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

1 comment:

Kay Dennison said...

Very well said!!!!

I grew up in a house with guns (my dad liked to hunt) and knew it was worth my life (or at least the ability to sit for a week!) to go anywhere near them.

I'm not anti-guns but I do think that there should be some limits. I'm also not naive to believe that outlawing guns will ever keep anyone from using/owning them if they are hellbent to have one.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for stupid.