Thursday, March 08, 2012

OPPS, I got busy...

It is Spring time, this I know… for my catalogs tell me so.

I have been getting the tomato seed catalog, and several
others. And then yesterday, went to a free class of how to
make sure you seeds actually do grow.. How to start the
and when it best.. Next week is house plants..but the following
week is raised garden beds. Which we are really interested in.
As we put in raised garden about 3 years ago. Sure is so nice
not to get on our knees to weed.

I was up early, I seem to be a sun riser. When the sun comes in thru
the window, I am up and ready … but on cloudy days, I drag my
butt out of bed. And only a cup of coffee gets me doing.

I even have half of my paper sitting on the table, unread. I have
been around the yard, as I can now, with the snow gone in over
half of it. Now is how much water will be there. With the melting
snow, and this is Kootenai.. land of a thousand wet lands. The
King gets anxious for fishing ,but can’t get the boat out of the shed
near the alley, due to flooding alleys. I checked the buds on the
bushes and roses and they are still there. After all, at the end of
January, they were coming out like crazy, and the February snow
storms came.

The stores are trying to tell us it is Spring too… they have their
killer plants in, to tempt us. Or maybe I should call them the sacrifice
plants. Those are the beautiful pansies, and etc. that the grocery
stores and Home Depot puts at the entry of the store, looking so
beautiful, and tempting… calling to us with gardens in our souls…
only to be taken home and die. Because unless you have a good
size greenhouse, there is not enough windows in your house to
keep them going until June. So they sacrifice their little souls for
those who think they can have summer come faster if purchased
in March.

Well, got to go do something, this sunlight is too great to waste.
And tomorrow is promise of more and even Saturday we might
break 50 degrees.. Sunshine recharges my soul’s batteries.

Don’t forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday morning.
Or if you are like me, Saturday night before you go to bed.
Don’t know why we can’t be on daylight savings time 12 months
of the year.

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Kay Dennison said...

We all get busy -- life intrudes on blogging. I'm fighting with a cold. I didn't have one all winter but I have one now. Sigh. Enjoy your catalogs!!!!