Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do your children know?

I was visiting a friend and her daughter this past weekend.
We go back about 40 years.

As we were sitting around the table, the daughter said,
“do you know my kids don’t know what a Encyclopedia is?”
They are in low teens. My friend and I looked at her, and
said wow… but I guess you are right… after all their
Generation looks up everything on the internet.

I know myself, I have maybe 10 cook books, of which there is
about 4 hardback, and the rest are soft cover from different
organizations I bought them from (school district, nursing home,
churches and alike) I keep out of sentimental reasons.
I use to have a book case from floor to ceiling,
6 feet wide, 18” deep. Full of cook books. One count was 276 of
them. And I don’t buy anymore, because all I have to do is google
a recipe and I will come up with thousands of them. Some sites
even have where you type in 3 ingredients and give you a dozen

There were a few other things we thought of.. Edsel cars, Nash,
clip on roller skates, stick ball, wringer washers, Howdy Doody,
telegrams, and other things of our days.

So what is it that you have said or mention and your kids look at
you not having a clue of what you are talking about and laugh when
you try to explain it.

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