Monday, March 19, 2012

Water, water, water, everywhere

We live in Kootenai....

Kootenai neighborhoods floods every year.. that is just Kootenai.

But this year seems a little more than usual.

I think it is because the weather has been mild... and what little

snow we have gotten compared to other years.. and then the early

warm days and then the wind.. everything melted fast...

So we have water... water, water, water, everywhere.

Our ditches are flowing and some places overflowing.

But within a month things should be better, and drier..

just not right away.. with snow forecasts for tonight and tomorrow....

And I am NOT complaining... after all, all of our homes are still on their

foundations, the town is all standing.. And this is just a minor irritation.

After all we do live in Kootenai...

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Kay Dennison said...

Great photos!!