Monday, March 26, 2012

You show me yours and THEN, I will show you mine...

The latest thing in employment is the fact that your future employer
will be asking not only for your facebook and password, but also your email.
and password… What I don’t’ get.. while it is bad enough to ask for your Facebook page, but why do they need your password.
No job is worth selling out your soul..

Luckily I am not in the job market anymore. But I am here to tell you, it wouldn’t be pretty if they asked me.. I would tell the interviewer..that I would like a copy of the key to their house.. And that I would be over to see what their house is like and I would be doing it when their children were home.

What? You think their answer would be no way??? Well, that is what they are asking of you and if I was working, me… When you give up your Facebook page and password, it gives them access of not only your words and pictures, but also
your children, friends and friends children. All of which is not any of their business and has nothing to do with the job you are getting. Unless you are going to be getting a government security job.

I would have a hard enough time going to the computer and opening my Facebook for them to look at. It would be the principal of it. It surely isn’t because of me hiding anything. Those who know me on Facebook, know that 90% of my
Facebook is where I have shared different signs and sayings and some issues that I believe in. Such as Gay rights, God, and animial rights. Anti- Child abuse, and for that matter anti- any kind of abuse. So I guess if that job meant a lot to me, I would go to the computer and let them see my page. They would be bored stiff. But I am here to tell you… the password to anything I have.. Facebook, email, bank, credit card, debit card… forget it MR. EMPLOYER.. never going to happen.

How would that same employer feel if we asked for a financial statement and tax papers.. After all we want to know if THEY will stay in business and will their pay checks be any good. Also want to know if they are pushing a 401 sign up. Or any kind of retirement. Want to know what charity’s do they give to. How much of a bonus does the CEO get? And any surpervisor, how much do they get..
If the employer wants to get personal… let’s get personal on their side as well.
What we might be terrorist.. how do we know the CEO isn’t? Or the supervisor isn’t..

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