Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny....

Another week with the Republicans, of back biting, why don’t you
quit Newt, fake Southern talk and the numbers are in for this week..

Don’t know what Hawaii numbers are, as it will be
past my bed time before they come in. And their numbers aren’t
quite as important as Mississippi and Alabama.

But Santorum left Rommey in the dust with Newt coming in second.
Surely coming in third could not make the Romney crew very happy.
Guess all that fake You’all this past week didn’t fool the Southern voters.

So as they all head back to the blackboard, all the Democrats have to
be laughing, and a lot of Republicans are shaking their hung heads.
Kind of looks as if it is a Northern and Southern type of thing.

You know from the view of an independent thinking voter.. this all would
be funny, but we are talking about the prospects of a candidate to vote
for in the fall… and the pickings are sure slim.

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