Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coverage for unwanted services

I posted on the deal about how so many of the few who try to band things of
the many..
And the latest is the church screaming about Obama saying about health insurance. And those who are joining the choir. Now if I understand right.. this does not have a ruling that all people HAVE to take advantage of the conceptive program. If I understood it right.. it was that the insurance company had to pay for, in their pharmacy program, for the conceptive. If that person who pays for that insurance WANTS to use them. No one is MAKING them use it. And I guess the rest are on the same band wagon because they don’t want to have THEIR insurance company to have it, because they have to pay extra for their insurance IF they have such a coverage in their policy. No one is making any one take the pill…it is coverage for those who don’t want to have another dependent in the house.

One thing I wonder, can you have it so you don’t have that coverage, or is it like all health insurance (you have more options with vehicle full coverage or just for the other guy) and if they don’t.. I guess I can kind of understand. But there is a lot on those policies that is covered, that the rest of us don’t use, but pay for. Like Viragra, also I am way past the age of pregnancies and etc. But they are only looking at one business.

How many of you who have television thru cable or satellite? How many of you get to pick and chose the stations you want on your service. Yes, you can get a movie or sports package.. but for the most part.. how many of you pay for channels that you have no desire to ever watch? I have 150 channels on my service. Of which there are probably 50 (that is probably stretching it) that we would watch at some time or the other… And only about 30 that we would watch on a regular basis. Yet we are paying for all of them.. All those sports channels that we don’t watch, all those church channels that we have no desire to watch (I have my own church) and all those dang selling channels. I think we should get a discount for each channel that is a selling channel.

So those of you protesting the insurance company coverage of conceptives because you don’t want to have to pay for the coverage, that you aren’t using.. just remember your television package.. And how many other things out there we pay for, that we don’t use, have no desire to use, even though we have to pay for it, just to get what we do want.

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Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!!!! And very true. The use of birth control is a choice not a mandate.