Friday, February 24, 2012

My Husand is in hog heaven....

Well, we broke down and decided to get satellite again. We have been
Doing, for free, antenna.. but lately the reception has been poor.. and very frustrating for the King. We were getting 11 channels without problems until
about a month ago.. Then we lost two channels.. the ABC AND NBC.. it was
spotty at best. And then he couldn’t take it anymore, as we lost them completely
over the weekend.. and he missed two of his shows.. Please call DIRECT TV,
was his plead…

So we called and Thursday they came out. He wasn’t home more than
4 minutes when he asked about the remote.. so I educated him to off and on,
and up and down the channels, and where the volume was… rest he could punch in the channels.. And off he went at the man sport, flipping thru the channels.. with oh, ooo’s, oh, boy.. as he saw some old familiar channels.

Then he asked.. where is the outdoor channel.. I told him give me a few minutes as I was typing up a list of channels that I knew he would want.. and rather than answer millions of questions that start with… what channel is….xxxx on? I gave him the list… I googled Direct tv and fishing and hunting… as there wasn’t Outdoor Life listed.. and there it was.. Pursuit Channel… he is in his glory.. hog
Heaven…He is watching them plant grass just for the deer. (isn’t that entrapment?) and saying wow, those Southern sure know how to take good care of their wild game… guess I will be watching television in the bedroom. ;-(

Oh, yea, he came home with a rose for me… knew I felt bad about what
happen on Wednesday, and wanted me to feel better.. Yep, ladies, that is why
I love the KING…


Kay Dennison said...

Even more we know why you call him the King! :)

Bay Views said...

The King was watching grass grow? Oh Lord let spring happen and release those from the Winter stupor we find ourselves in. Please watch over those especially that gaze with a glazed expression into a glass tube.