Monday, February 06, 2012

Super Bowl

I am not a huge football fan… but I do like to watch the game.
And I usually do make a choice to watch the Super Bowl.
I have talked about how I am not really one to have in the
living room watching, as when it gets exciting.. I am the kind
who is standing up as the guy is running down the field,
to make a touchdown… yelling RUN, RUN, RUN YOU SON
OF…… (you know the word) RUN…

Super Bowl I watch like most of American, who does watch
it… for the game and the ads. The game depends on not who
is playing, but what the score is.. If it is 42 to 6, then I lose
interest… If it is close then I am there, to the end usually.

Yesterday’s game, I did not have a horse in the race so to speak.
While I am from New England, you would think I would have
been rooting for the Pat’s. But either could have won and I was
ok with it. But yesterday, it was a close game.. and it was almost
boring.. There didn’t seem to be any of the big plays. They both
played well, although, I am sure the Pat’s are getting a lot of
remarks about how they couldn’t hang on to the ball. And the
Giants did… and then there was that play near the end..where
the player, who instead of running across the goal line, decided
to stop, turn and roll backwards over the goal line. Almost a rub it in
the Pat’s faces… as he surely had to know this was the goal that won the game.

The Half game show, usually leaves me wanting something better.
I don’t know if it is the age (mine) or what, but yesterday was with Madonna
and I felt it was boring. If it wasn’t for the fireworks and dancers it would have
been flat. I am sure that the Madonna fans would be disgusted with me..
But I am sorry, she is no Tina Turner.. It is a matter of showmanship.. to me..

I thought Kelly Clark did a bang up job on the Anthem, which is far from a easy
song… although I did see a 7 year old on You tube do a great job on it.

And then the ads. My favorite was Grandma and the baby, Dorita ad. I like
the Dannon one with John Stamos. The rest were ok.. Not bad, just ok..
I don’t know if it was one of the times I was in the kitchen and didn’t see it,
but where were the Clydesdale horses ad.
I am sure those who are younger thought it was great.
And maybe the past ads were kind of shocking and new..
and we got use to that, so expect more?

So this year the Super Bowl got a C+ from me.

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