Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Finest Hour.... NOT!!!!!!!

Ok, so it wasn’t my finest hour… but…. oh, heck there is no but.
You women will guess real quick what I did… as I start to tell you.

I have a George Forman grill.. It is the large one and I was lucky
to get it from a yard sale 2 years ago for $5.00…I use it a lot.
Last week we had guest and I was going to be using the stove top,
where I usually keep my George Forman grill.
But I took it and placed it inside the oven.
Now, I never ever put any pan in the oven.. just never been one to do
that.. not even to hide it from unexpected guest. But this time I did.
Now this is where the women will figure it out.

I got one of those new coffee brewer today. You know the one called Keurig,
And it makes one cup at a time. Also you can do tea, and hot chocolate and etc.
I was busy reading the directions.. and you knowm if you have read past post,
I am not good at doing that first…but figured I better this time.

Well, the King came home, so I am explaining what I am doing, and
I walked over to the oven to get it preheated, so I could cook dinner.
(Now even the men should have a clue) … so I hit the bake and 400.

I walk away, and reading.. then went into the other room to get something,
When I heard the King yell out and cussing like a trooper.. he has the
stove door open and the kitchen door open and carrying something out.
But as soon as I rounded the corner, I knew… what I had done.

Nope, not my finest hour… it is all the directions fault.. if I wasn’t reading
directions, I would have been paying attention.. Oh, heck no, I was stupid..
Or as I told my children.. it wasn’t stupid, I just made a bad choice.. ha.ha.
BOY DID I. I could try to explain, that I never ever put anything in the oven
But stupid is as stupid does.

But I think I might have a charm life.. because after it cooled off.. I notice it
was only the plug that was burnt/melted.. So it looks like to me.. like I can cut
off the plug and put a new one on.. and it should be good to go.. but the King
said, only if the wires didn’t burn backwards.. but still it looks like it will be good.

Nope, not my finest hour for sure.


Kay Dennison said...

Ohhhhhhhh my!!!!!! I would be strickem!!! I keep my GF on top of my microwave.

Amy Crooks said...

LMAO.....I'm sharing that part with my husband about the stove. I've had one of those finest moments and we will never forget it.

I use to keep my cast iron skillet with bacon grease in my oven. One day I was cleaning the house and flipped my oven cleaner on. Yup you guessed it I locked the darm thing and forgot to check to see if my skillet was in there. I started an oven fire, but it was contained because I couldn't get it unlocked. Fortunately we had fire fighters as neighbors back then.

No more skillets in the oven for me anymore ;-)