Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing with Matches..

I am not crafty.. meaning I don’t do crafts well… so therefore I chose
not to do them at all… most of the time.

But I also hate waste… so when I am burning my candles (at one end)
and all that hot wax, just seems to go at waste…
So in my delayed wisdom, I decided to save that hot wax in containers.
that part went well.

But one of the things I have found, as I am lighting the candles of my
choice…is my matches. I usually have the long matches.. as seen in picture.
but if it is a small jar, which I get from time to time (so I can try out the scent)
I use what I THOUGHT was safety matches. You know, you have used them
over the years… if you had a wood stove, or had to light the gas stove when
the pilot light didn’t work and etc.

As you can see from the picture.. they are Diamond matches.. long time
product of which one has faith in.. But what you don’t see is important.
As I found out. I have use them to light the small candles and each time,
the flame goes up the stick. I mean it goes up the stick fast. And you don’t
want to throw it and catch the house on fire… So you end up blowing on it
fast and furious. To get it out before you have toasty fingers. After the 3rd
match, I am getting upset.. as I use to use these type, this brand.. and they
were called SAFETY matches.. that meant, slow burning match. Slow burning
so you could light a candle (in the old days cigarettes) with out burning
your fingers and cussing..

So I look at the box.. and there is nothing at all about SAFETY MATCH.
When did Diamond stop making safety matches? Or is there two different
kinds of Diamond Matches? The curious thing is.. the long matches do
say safety match..but we are talking about maybe 5 seconds longer than
the short match.. so much for safety…

I will tell you later how the candle making comes out.. I have a lot of
candles to burn before I can do some experimenting. Hopefully it
won’t be in the local paper how the elderly woman burnt down the house
playing with matches.

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