Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do brothers ever get tired of tormenting each other?

My husband is one of 4 brothers. Constantly pulling pranks,
telling stories that are lies to get their brothers to believe them
and laugh when they do. Anything for a rise out of him. One is
just as bad as the other.

My father pulled a good one on his brother. They were in their 50’s
My uncle stopped by on Thanksgiving afternoon. I came home from
a rival school football game where my high school beat the other team
by 32 to 0. During this short visit, I had kissed my uncle hello. Well,
his wife calls about an hour later and asked my father if he had seen
his brother. Of which my father told her, no, he had not seen him for
days… then called back 30 minutes later. Told her he had been there.
But this is after his wife gave him the 3rd degree about where he was
and why was there lipstick on him. Of course, my father hung up
laughing his head off.

Also at the age of 82, my father snuck behind my uncle, while
my uncle and I were talking.. and tickled behind his knee. Where
my uncle jumped because he thought it was a bug of some kind.
Which my father stood there, in a fit of laughter. And my uncle
was just about as bad. But I will have to admit,
I think my father got,the best of his kid brother

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