Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Being Connected...not..

Why do offices.. be it doctors, dentist, or any other
business get upset if you don’t have a cell phone?

When I retired, I made a conscience decision to end my cell phone. Part of it was
I was downsizing.. but that was 20% of it, as I saved us $30 a month for a second
phone service. . The other is.. I guess I felt I didn’t need it when I kept leaving it
on the dining room table. I am just not a “got to be connected” person.

I have managed over the years, of before cell phone, to be where I needed to be..
was informed of what people wanted me to know. I never ever thought at the time,
I wish I had know that sooner. I have gone thru births, deaths, appt. and other
things one is notified about, and never wished I had a way to be gotten a hold of
sooner. Even after I was a cell phone owner, there was never a time, when I thought..
oh, thank God, I had a cell phone for them to get a hold of me in the nick of time.

But we have become an instant contact society. They ask you for your phone
number at different office desk. And when you give them a home phone, they
will follow up with “and your cell phone?”. And when I say I don’t have one..
they look at me.. and then kind of throw me in to the “too old to understand
modern electronics” group. Which is kind of true.. but cell phones isn’t one of them.

I do have and rely on an answering machine in our house. That is one that is a keeper…
Because if I am not home, they can leave a message if it is important.
When I was working.. I did put caller id on our phone. It was a safety value. As
my job thought nothing of calling me back to work on days off, or even double back
shifts. And after not having the will power to say no and doing 30 hours of overtime
in 2 weeks,
I got caller id, and I could chose to answer or not.. Even tho I am retired.. we still
have it to get rid of callers from politicians and etc.

So I have chose not to be connected 24/7. And I don’t carry the phone to the
bathroom.. they can wait.. leave a message… I will call back.
Now my husband.. that is another story.. his cell phone is his umbilical cord.
If he gave his up, he would go thru withdrawals bad. Can’t say it is a man thing,
as I see a LOT of women with phones hanging on their ears all the time.
And that is another peeve… women who will look at you…talking.. where you
think it is you, and all the time it some one on the phone she is talking to.
I have quit talking topeople who have them and talking.

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Betty said...

The answering machine should be all you need. If people don't choose to leave a message, it's their own fault.