Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who wins this week?

When I was a teen, there was a friend of the family who was an
exercise jockey at the state race track. And I can remember him
telling my folks about how foolish it was to bet on the horses, especially
during the week.

It seems that they were rigged. He said who ever was behind in their
stable bills the most, would be the winner of the race. As they would
be such long shots, no one would bet on them, and therefore, the money
made with the bets, would pay for the winner, who then could pay their
stable fees. Which kept the race track going.

It seems almost like this could be true of our candidates. With Newt winning
in South Carolina, one week.. and then Mitt winning in Florida the next week.
And Santorum winning big last week… So shouldn’t this be Ron Paul’s turn?
That way they all get to have money coming in. After all if your candidate isn’t
doing well, the campaign money stops flowing.. that is what happen to Newt,
the weeks before he won in South Carolina.

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