Friday, February 10, 2012


Condoms, Roe &Wade… Dr. offering at the end of life, options.. now called by the radicals.. the Death of Grand ma… ????? I don’t get why so many are so upset about it.

If you want to use condoms.. you have that option.. but you also have the option NOT to use them.. so don’t buy them from the dispenser. By the way the use of or not use of condom
DOES NOT prevent sex happening.

Same thing if the Dr. offers end of life choices… NO ONE IS FORCED to have the doctor give you these options… YOU HAVE TO ASK… for them..

And Roe&Wade… it is the law… but again.. no one took the woman by the hand and forced her into the doctors office to have an abortion. Myself, I have
come to the point where I don’t agree with abortion as a whole… It is not my personal choice.. (must not be, as I have 8 children)… but in case of rape, incest,
I believe, if the woman can not handled mentally having that child.. she should have the OPTION (not 12 weeks later) … and I defend that option. I can say I wouldn’t.. but having never been in those shoes… who is to say what one goes thru under those terms. And what choices one makes. Again, YOU CHOSE, no one is making your decide.

Why do we let the small amount of noisy groups rule the rest of us? Why aren’t we standing up for ourselves.. in our choices.

Just like the statute in Montana, of Jesus. There is a group of atheist who are suing to have it removed. The statute has been there how many years? No one
was bothered before… If the Atheist are offended by it… what is the saying that Ray Stevens had in his song? DON’T LOOK ETHEL… Well, don’t look ATHEIST.

And where do they get the right to tell the rest of us. Because they are offended?
Well I am, like so many others, are offended by them and their beliefs.. but we aren’t going to court and telling them they have to believe in God or Jesus… we let them believe what they want and go on our merry way.. Why do we bow to these people who are pushing their beliefs on us? Where is our back bone???
We aren’t taking their choices away… they have the choice not to look, not to pray, not to say the pledge alliance, to not do what ever we do.. but they are forcing us … not to have choices…
Why do the courts protect them, and not us?

If it is the silent majority then I think we better stand up and be noisy. Before we become sheep, and have no rights of choices.

Horses racing of old.. where the one horse who owed the biggest bill won.. to get them out of the debt.

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