Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life is good....

For the past year or so, I have had a small health issue…
I have had low platelets.. for those who don’t know what
that is..(I had to ask too) it is what is in your blood that
helps your blood clot. The usual is 150,000 to 400,000.
Mine last year was 42,000 and then the every 3 months show
the 30,000’s…

I had to go in for different test, for liver and etc. to see if it was
eating up my platelets. And then the horrible bone marrow test.
(it is only like a heavy bee sting.. they said… THEY LIED)
All the test came back great.. no problems.. My white blood cell
count was super great… so was the red cells. AND I felt great.

The only reason why I even found out I had a problem was because
my doctor is getting ready to retire. He was cutting his hours and days.
So being I had not been there for 5 years, I decided to get a check up
before he retired completely. And everything was wonderfully great.
EXCEPT my platelets.. which was checked a couple of more times, and
then he sent me to a blood specialist.

This was all very hard for me to understand because I FELT GREAT..
Couple of small aging issues but nothing of any concern.. So why?
I looked at my past test for the past 20 years.. and guess what!
All the things they did in the blood test.. platelets was not one of them.
You would think that would be a big issue. But I guess not.
I did remember giving blood about 15 years ago, and the 3rd time
in the year, they had to throw it away (why don’t they give it back
to the donor?) because of low platelets. But nothing about being
really low. So I blew it off.

Well, today, I was thrill to find out mine was up to 46,000. Still low
mind you, but up. And I STILL FEEL GREAT… The best they can
come up with is, maybe I just run low. My blood clots very well, when
I get a cut.. and my bruising is consistence to a 71 year old. The rest
Of the blood test came back excellent…..So all is good.

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marlu said...

I have had two bone marrow tests. One was done while I was a patient in the hospital and was like a bee sting.(I may have been somewhat sedated!) The second was in the doctor's office and it was a humdinger! Hurt like heck....

So I feel for ya.