Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Splitting of the States..

I wonder how many states we would have if we split all those who
are fed up with how the state capital area’s treat the rest of the state.

I know there was a time in the 1950’s when those in Newport wanted to have the capital back in Newport.. (it is in Providence now). It seems they thought that the upper part of the state got all the good stuff, and Aquickneck county/Newport got the shaft .

When I lived in San Diego, they too were fed up with Sacramento, and how the upper part of the state got nothing.. But they didn’t want to share with LA either. So …so much for South California and North California.

Then there is the state I live in now.. We are constantly complaining how Boise gets the good road (and they do have beautiful roads down there) and we get the goat trails. They are now trying to straighten out some of the many curves from Moscow. Idaho to the Canadian border. There was even talk when I first got here in 1982, of how they wanted to have the Empire State from Helena Montana to Spokane Washington, taking in the Northern Idaho.

I wonder if there are other states that think they are getting the bottom of the barrel, and would they like to split their states capital area… and if they did, just how many states would we have?

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Betty said...

Oh, my, yes. The north-central and eastern parts of this state might as well not exist, if you watch the news and weather out of Little Rock. We don't fare any better at the hands of the government, either.