Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Strings can be still pulled....

I was watching Good Morning America this morning with the interview of
Lisa Marie Presley. And was surprised at how the emotional strings can
still be there after all these years… I guess we are heading in to the
25th Anniversary of his death..

I wasn’t a big fan of his music.. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it. I
danced as much as the next one to his songs.. but at the same time
as Elvis arrived on the Dorsey summer television show… I saw another artist who was feature a few weeks later… and that is where my fanship laid.
Johnny Cash…

The amazing thing about Elvis was, my parents hated his music. My mother watched Love Me Tender movie on television and made fun of his singing,
every time he open his mouth in the movie. She said she couldn’t understand
why girls went so wild and screaming over him and his hip wiggles… (I guess
she forgot her generation of Frank Sinatra) And I wasn’t living at home during the Beatles on Ed Sullivan show which was her favorite. Yet, several years later,
I witness her loving his singing when he did a kind of comeback show on television. The one with him in his black leather outfit. And she taped it. I
think my brother might still have the tape. My how times change.
It also was a bone of contention between us as I loved Country Western music.
Ernest Tubb, Ray Price and etc… Of which she described as howling, and
would not allow their records in our house. But years later in her 60’s she
LOVED Willie Nelson.. making remarks about him putting his shoes under
her bed any time.. My how times changed…

While I danced to Elvis rock songs, my favorites were his bass sounding."In the. Ghetto".
And I loved his Christian songs…like "I Believe".

But this morning, as Lisa Marie was showing her part of his history at his
house, (her rocking chair, her tricycle and etc.) and they played Fools fall in
Love… and there it was.. the tugging of the heart strings… and wondering
what if….

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