Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today .. what a way to end the month… I am waiting word from a hospital
In Washington, as my daughter went in for surgery on her shoulder… so
the good thing of Facebook is her partner can keep us all up to date at once, by posting on Facebook as she entered, as she came out.. waiting for the doctor and etc.. This one I knew about…

But this mornings at 8:00am, I didn’t see this one coming… it was a call from my husband saying he was coming home.. has stabbing pain in chest and headache. Wants me to take him to ER… Thankfully the place he works says no… you are not driving, (what part of insanity is that anyway, chest pains, drive self to hospital?) They were driving him in, and I was to meet him there.

Good old BGH.. and their great crew, poked, prodded, x-rayed, ekg’d, and blood test him… for 2 hours.. all came back clear… his blood pressure was excellent.
They don’t know what or why.. exhaust in the shop? Although they have a good
System there… What ever …not sure what. But lined him up with a stress test next Tuesday, as his family history in that department isn’t good. Better safe than sorry.

We complain from time to time about our local hospitals, as it seems like it takes
Forever…. but when they are needed they are there… and everyone doing what they can to reassure you, and take good care of you…

Well, heading back to Facebook to check how my daughter is doing.. Know enough not to call until tomorrow… same day surgery conversations can be weird and funny.

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patty said...

hope everything goes ok with your daughter.