Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Act of Kindness...

It is so nice when a person does an act of kindness…
That is a act of surprise, that is so nice…

Flowers is one kind of act. Especially when one
Is not expecting them..

Anyone who knows me well, knows I hate Valentine flowers.
They are the blackmail of the commerce, that makes mostly
men feel guilty if they don’t buy a dozen roses. Those same
roses cost about $10 to $20 several days before or a week later.
But now all a sudden cost $40 to $60.

I have said that I think, no reason Roses or flowers of any kind are
the very best of all. As you could see last week when the King came
home with a half of dozen pink roses. To me it was the highest of

Today, I got another one… I was given a dozen yellow/green roses..
Just because the person appreciated an act of kindness I had done.
Something I took in stride, that she thought was great. I am the back
up for my new granddaughter. She has 3 children and one goes to
school, 3 blocks from me. . So last year when she moved here, I told her
I would be her back up if something came up and she could not go to the
school to pick her son up. Well, the system works, as it was tested a couple of
days ago, unintentually . And she surprised me with roses today..
What a sweet girl.

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Kay Dennison said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyy cool!!! Heck I like the five dollar bouquets at the deep discount drugstore where I shop and buy myself one once in a while.