Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recipes and Secrets...

I came across a great recipe for a bean patties. Like a hamburger
patties. And it is so simple to make.

You take a can of refried beans, and a can of black beans, put in
your mixing bowl along with 2 eggs and a cup of oatmeal. Add 1 teaspoon
of salt and one teaspoon of garlic powder. And mix.
Starting out on low speed, to get it all to mix well..(other wise the
black beans spit out of the bowl like a gatling gun, not that I know that
from experience…oh, alright, I admit I got it going a little fast). After it
mixes really well, use a large spoon and spoon it into the fry pan in
the size of a regular hamburger patties. Fry it on each side well.

I put it on the plate with some horseradish cheddar cheese and guacamole,
on top with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Really turn out well. The King had seconds and told me I out did myself.

The only down side of this recipe is the after effects. Because after eating
beans and you are retiring for the night, the body relaxes and has taken those lovely tasting beans and ran it thru its combustion chambers. Especially if it is
a male human body. How those great smelling and tasting beans can come out of the other side, in a sulfur smell of beyond rotten eggs, is beyond me.
Kind of reminds me of a saying a 95 year old woman friend of mine said to
me about 50 years ago…”She thinks her shit don’t smell, but her farts give
her away.”

Which has me wondering, do you smell odors after you go to sleep? Maybe
the secret is to be in bed and sound to sleep, before your spouse goes to
bed. As I don’t recall waking up gagging.

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