Monday, January 23, 2012

I need a die-heart Democrat

I have been going thru my back room… Shuffling and sorting and etc.
It is suprising what one hangs on to,.or keeps because you figure
SOME DAY.. but now I should get rid of some of it..

The reason why I I need a die-heart Democrat is because among my thing
Is Kennedy things.. I have magazine written when JFK died. Also when Jackie
died, and a newspaper and magazine of when JFKjr died. And then there is the George magazines.. I have the first and the last as well as quite a few inbetween.

I suppose I could E-bay them.. but one of the worse things right now is… as I was looking at the magazines, I saw there is a lot of reading to be done yet. Meaning these have good articles of our past, as well as about the people I saved the magazine for. Also I have others, one about Robert Kennedy… and then there is the Peublo skipper. And other things in our past as you can see by the pictures…
I even have the last Sears catalog, which I think is 1994.. so looking thru that at the prices… Some I can throw away… some I rather give away, to someone who would get as much out of them as I did. But I know my kids will throw them.
Remembering my friend Kayte saying, ones life is a yard sale the day after you died. Some where I even have a TV Gude magazine of Oprah, with the Ann Margaret body, supposedly. But who know where.. lol..

And way, I decided to pile the magazine, where I will go thru them one more time, before I let them go.. As looking thru them was slowing me down on getting rid of stuff… So my sign on the door still applies… “My someday room,…. Some day I am going thru this stuff and throw away the junk and take out the good stuff and organize it.”…I have come so far.. but still have a ways to go…


patty said...

I give all of my old magazines and books, etc to our local library for their yearly book fair.

Kay Dennison said...

Wow!!! Coooooooool!

I was a huge JFK fan!

Have fun!!!