Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Generations away

In the past I am sure all those over 40 have thought that
they are becoming their own parents…

But I think maybe we are really 2 generations away from our
selves. Or maybe it is the older you get, the more distance
between our ideas, principles, and priorities.

As I deal with the other generations below me, I find my thoughts
more like my grandparents instead of my parents.. Maybe it is
because our children are becoming more like our parent/us..

But as I see the 20’s generation coming up, I see such a vast
gab between my style of ideas, principles, and priorities and theirs.

I have had over the years, priorities that were of safety and
concerns of my children…first, and myself second.. But I see
the generation of small children raisers have it so different
from my own. Not that they are bad parents.. just different.
priority wise.

In my 20’s to the 30’s, I worried about my children and household.
in that order… and myself last. Today’s seem to be a toss up. What
ever it is for the day. Kind of a by the seat of your pants lifestyle. They
seem to have more faith, that things will turn out just fine. And deal
with it when it comes.. And the surprising part is.. most of the time
it works out for them. So did I worry too much at that time?

Now days it seems like the 30’s to 40’s have the same kind of attitude,
priorities, and ideas of how things should line up, more like my
generation did at 20 to 30. Or maybe it was me. Wanting every
thing lined up, be ready for what ever comes. Like boy scouts, be
prepared. But that is the way the 30’s to 40’s do now.

Then there is us older ones… Now I understand my grandfather
thoughts when he thought the younger generation was never was going
to ever amount to anything.... with rock music, Elvis and the rest.
Especially when he watched the teens on American Bandstand.
While I might think the entitlement generation of 12 to 25, don’t
seem to be very stable, I do have the good sense to remember my
grandfather and know that the now generation will probably turn
out just fine, just like we did, and the next one after us.

Which is shocking as the generation after me, was into “turn on, tune out, and etc.

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