Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

With each debate, and now the primaries are starting,
the feeding frenzy has started to get serious.
The saying…”eating their own” comes to mind.

We have all heard of dirty politics, but I think this election
Is bring out an all new meaning to the words.

And the Democrats? Well, they sure are awful quiet, as
they should be.. this is where they really don’t have to say
a thing… the Republican are doing it all for them. All they
need is to keep notes, so which ever one … if any of these,
comes out on top.. they will have a head start.

I was watching a program the other morning..
Herman Cain was on. They asked him if he missed the
fight of the game that is still going on.. And he said he
didn’t.. When they question that, he said, well, yes, he
kind of like to be there to take each one to task for what
they are saying.. but missing the circus of it.. no.
Then one commenter said something to the fact how
all the candidates hate each other.. And Cain said they
didn’t hate each other… their committees hate each other
but the candidates didn’t. One of them said, so if the media
wasn’t around, they all go have a beer with each other, right.

And we know this to be true.. Look at the remarks the Bushes
had to say about Clinton… and there they were, side by side
drumming up money for different charities.

One of my questions is… there are a lot of Democrats who are
not happy, or so they say, with Obama… yet no one at all has
throw their hat in the circle to go up against Obama. Surely if
you are not that happy with your guy in the office, don’t you find
someone to replace them?

One thing about politics, it is never boring…

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