Thursday, January 05, 2012

Too nice to be inside...

I spent yesterday afternoon outside…
Outside in a sweater, not a jacket…

I got a lot of flower garden work done.
Every year, I say I am going to go back
and cut off the leaves from the lily plants
before winter sets in.. and every year it is
spring time before I get to it...the leaves that
are all over the place.. was.

Yesterday, I got that done.. and the scary
part? Besides the fact it was 52 degrees and
I could work outside, and it was the first of
January, and I live in Northern Idaho… was
the fact, that there was green leaves from my
tulips peeking thru the ground..

Scary as, I know Idaho… we can have a day like
this and with in a day or two, have 10 inches of snow.
So are these tulips going to get froze out?

Oh, well, I will enjoy this weather while I can.
Sure has helped for the winter blues. Today it is
sunny again.. but really windy.. somehow I
don’t think the sweater is going to cut it, unless
I can stay out of the wind..

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