Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Navigator

As we trudge thru the winter slosh… or slush.. depending
on how you look at it… there can be some highlights.

This is one of our highlights… Every time Misty hears the
4-wheeler start up, she whines to go out… And occasionally
I let her out for a ride. All this summer she was with Ken, as
he rode around our area.. to friends, or the post office.
Which is kind of ironic… as the lawn mower terrified her
until we got the 4 wheeler.. now she wants out to ride while
Ken rides around on the lawn mower..

Today we get wind and sprinkles.. thought it was suppose to
rain, but guess that isn’t in the cards. Thought maybe by the
weekend we would be back to grass again, except for the piles
of snow.

I have got to wonder what has happen to my plants that I saw
around the yard with buds on them.. that are now under snow.

1 comment:

Kay Dennison said...

Misty is a darling!!!!