Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That sure isn't the way I learn it....

When I was a kid, in the little state of Rhode Island.. we knew
about the sea… after all it was all around us.. 3 miles away, in just
about any direction..

We knew every year, there was a fishing boat that would go down.
Taking the crew with it most of the time… AND definitely a lot of times
the Captain of the ship/boat.

And that is what I was taught. That was the rules of the sea.
The Captain goes down with the ship. And if he did leave
wasn’t until everyone was off of the ship. He would be the very
last one to leave.

Over the years there as been a few who jumped with the crew, or
even ahead of the crew… but they were considered cowards. It was
a disgrace to leave the ship before everyone was off of it. That is
why there are courts to fine, even jail these men.

I surely hope the so called captain, because he doesn’t deserve to be
called captain, and certainly doesn’t deserve a capital C on the word,
gets everything they can do to him.

His behavior is despicable as a captain, and more than that.. as a
human being… As you hear the tapes of the Italian Coast Guard arguing
with him, you want to vomit. I hope there isn’t a company or anyone who
lets this person near a ship, boat, or even a skiff. And I hope they hang
him high… for the people who died on that ship. Too bad we don’t still have
the walking of the plank.

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